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CONCAP ELECTTRICALS PVT LIMITED is pioneer in manufacturing world-class capacitors with a track record of over 38 years of excellence. CONCAP is accredited with ISO 9001:2015 and CE, ISI Product Certification. CONCAP established a leading position for our products via our advanced R&D, technical team and design-in capabilities. CONCAP has innovated new technology impregnated in Capacitors to withstand high voltage, Voltage Fluctuations in field conditions and perform long lasting operations. Our Lighting Capacitors are robustly constructed with highly skilled workforce with fully automatic machinery & mistake proofing systems at all manufacturing stages. CONCAP produce highly quality capacitors with zero defects to customers by conducting Levels of precise quality inspections. CONCAP Produce Lighting capacitors are tailor made suitable for different applications with Guarantee clause.


Lighting Capacitor with in built Discharge Resistors


4 MFD to 42 MFD, 250VAC, 50/60

  • High-Temperature SH-MPP Film

  • Polyurethane Resin (ECO Friendly)

  • Built-in Discharge Resistor

  • Low Dissipation factor

  • Robust in construction with Aluminum casing/Plastic casing

  • High Insulation resistance between terminals above 100 ohms

  • Long Lasting operation

  • Better Heat Dissipation

  • ISI: 1569 Marked

  • Available from 4 MFD to 42 MFD

  • Available in 250V

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