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CONCAP ELECTTRICALS PVT LIMITED is pioneer in manufacturing world-class capacitors with a track record of over 38 years of excellence. CONCAP is accredited with ISO 9001:2015 and CE, ISI Product Certification. CONCAP established a leading position for products via our advanced R&D, technical team and design-in capabilities. CONCAP has innovated new technology impregnated in Capacitors to withstand high voltage, Voltage Fluctuations in field conditions and perform long lasting operations. Our Submersible Run & Start Capacitors are robustly constructed with highly skilled workforce with fully automatic machinery & mistake proofing systems at all manufacturing stages. CONCAP produce highly quality capacitors with zero defects to customers by conducting Levels of precise quality inspections. CONCAP Produce Submersible Run & Start Capacitors are tailor made suitable for different applications with Guarantee clause.

Submersible Motor Run Capacitors.png

Submersible Motor Run Capacitors

Plastic Body –
20MFD to 100 MFD, 440V,50/60Hz

Submersible Motor Run Capacitors2.png

Submersible Motor Start Capacitors

Plastic Body –
40/60 MFD to 250/300 MFD, 275V,50/60Hz

Heavy Duty Submersible Motor Run Capacitors.png

Heavy Duty Submersible Motor Start Capacitors

Aluminum body


2.50 MFD to 72 MFD Capacitor-440V,50/60Hz

Heavy Duty Submersible Motor Run Capacitors2.png

Heavy Duty Submersible Motor Run Capacitors

Aluminum Body


40/60 MFD to 250/300MFD 250V,50/60Hz

  • Made with SH-MPP Film with Italian metallization plant

  • Polyurethane Resin (ECO Friendly)

  • Low Dissipation factor

  • Robust in construction with Aluminum casing

  • High Insulation resistance between terminals above 100 ohms

  • Long Lasting operation

  • Better Heat Dissipation

  • As per Standard

  • IS: 2993 / IEC: 60252

  • Range

  • Available from 20 MFD to 100 MFD

  • Available in 440V

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